Kids Cooking Classes

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The More Momma kids cooking classes not only teach your kids how to be self sufficient in the kitchen, but most importantly it teaches them a valuable life skill.

Cooking with Kids for kids cooking classes
Kids Cooking Classes In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

If you have been searching for kids cooking classes near me, search no more! You don’t have to leave your house for cooking classes anymore! More Momma is an online cooking school that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Kids cooking schools come in all different shapes and sizes. The More Momma Kids Cooking School is designed to teach kids how to cook and be self sufficient in the kitchen, while focusing on safety and proficiency. It is also designed to foster creativity and build character through service.

The amazing thing is that all class instructors are actual trained professional chefs. Teaching traditional culinary skills for appropriate age levels, your child get’s training from a professional.

Class Structure:

Classes are fun and exciting and can be done at your child’s leisure. These are pre-recorded classes so you can control when it is convenient for you and your child to take the class.

You have lifetime access to classes and they never expire. If you have multiple kids you don’t need to buy multiple cooking schools. Your children can all participate in the cooking school together.

The classes are meant to build upon each other and increase their skill level.


Here is a review we got from two sisters who are taking the classes together:

“I have enjoyed learning about how to use different tools like knives and the neat techniques for making things. I through it was clever to put a wet paper towel under my cutting boards so they don’t slide. When making the ice cream cake, I was surprised with the idea of wetting the spoon with hot water to smooth out the ice cream.” Megan Millius

“it was fun making the cake all by ourselves” Madelyn Millius

The Badge System:

We even have a fun way to encourage participation with our badge system. Each time your child finishes a cooking class they can earn the badge that corresponds with that lesson. Kids get so excited to earn their badges.

more momma kids cooking school kid chef apron and badges

Here are some of the amazing fun badges that your child can earn as they complete the classes.

More Momma Cooking School badges

Skills we focus on in the More Momma Kids Cooking School:

Kitchen Safety-

The number one thing we focus on is getting your kids in the kitchen in a safe and effective way. Children have to go through the safety classes to start the school curriculum. Safety classes include overall cleanliness and food handling, learning how to use the oven, stove and other kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Organization-

Students learn how to set up and keep their work space organized and clean. They learn how to set up their station and mis en place before making a recipe (just like we do in the restaurant industry).

Knife Safety-

We go in depth on what knife to use for your child’s age and skill set, how to hold a knife properly, how to use two main cutting techniques, and how to handle knives. Knife safety is at the forefront of all cooking classes and is reinforced in each cooking class.

Cross Contamination-

Students learn about cross contamination to make sure they are following proper food handling protocol. They also learn about how cross contamination can effect those with food allergies and how to prevent cross contamination.

How to Read Recipes-

Our students learn how to read recipes like a professional and also learn how to create their own recipes by the end of the school. They learn important aspects of recipes and how to cut recipes in half or double recipes. Time management is also a skill they learn when meal planning.

Cooking classes specifically designed for kids:

I am a mom of three little ones and I know how small their attention spans can be. Therefore we have designed these classes to be under 30 minutes. Each class is specifically designed to teach them a specific culinary skill.

The best part is we have so much fun learning and exploring the world of cooking. Fostering creativity and allowing your child to cook in the kitchen can literally change their life! We also have included a STEM section full of experiments that all have to do with cooking and food.

kids cooking with aprons


The More Momma Cooking School for kids is designed to be inclusive to all children with different backgrounds. We dive into different cultures and how their food is enjoyed. Along with teaching them the actual recipes and how to make the dish, we also focus on historical aspects of food and learn the cultures around the food.

Course Curriculum:

The More Momma Kids Cooking School follows a monthly format. Every month has a savory and a sweet cooking class and many months have bonus or holiday classes. There is also a video skills library where students can look up common cooking skills in case they forget how to do something.

The More Momma Cooking School is a full year’s worth of curriculum.

Cooking Class Curriculum:


  • What Knife to Use and Safety
  • How to Read A Recipe
  • Beginner Knife Skills
  • Kids Cooking Guide for Parent

STEM Experiments


  • Colored Pasta Party
  • Homemade Chocolate Shell Ice Cream Sundae Class

colored pasta


  • Steak Taco and Homemade Tortilla Class
  • Create Your Own Chocolate Bar Class
  • Valentines Dinner Class


  • St Patricks Day Class
  • Homemade Macaroni And Cheese Class
  • Rainbow Cookie Tarts


  • Sautéing Class
  • Cake Decorating Class


  • Crepes Class
  • Thai Food Class


  • All About Eggs Class
  • Sushi 101 Class
  • Donut Making Class

sushi with chopsticks


  • Salad on A Stick With Homemade Dressing Class
  • Mini Cobbler Class


  • Indoor Grilling Cooking Class
  • Ice Cream In A Bag Class
  • Bonus Biscuits and Shortcake Class
  • Marinade Ebook and Recipes


  • Easy Kids Lunch Ideas E-Book
  • Make Your Own Lunch Cooking Class
  • Cookie Class


  • Pizza Party Cooking Class
  • Halloween Cooking Class Party
  • Homemade Candy Corn Cooking Class


  • Thanksgiving Feast Cooking Class
  • Mini Pies Class

mini blueberry pies on white background


  • Holiday Cooking Class
  • Christmas Cookie Class
  • Service Challenge
  • Bonus Edible Gift Class

Eating With Balance:

We like to teach balance in our cooking school. Our school believes in teaching kids how to thrive and enjoy all different types and kinds of food. We can’t wait to start cooking with you!

If you are a parent that wants to learn how to cook from professional chef we also have an adult cooking school Check out the More Momma Cooking School or you can choose the add on option where you can learn together with your child.

Are you ready to help your child thrive by being self sufficient in the kitchen? Sign up today!

Let’s get cooking!

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