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Hi! I’m Meg!

I’m the chef and momma behind More Momma. 

I grew up in Southern California and attended culinary school in Florence, Italy. I have an amazing husband and four kiddos and we live in Orange County California. 

After years of being a personal chef, caterer and restaurant consultant I wanted to make cooking accessible and easier for everyone.  So I created an Instagram account and blog called MoreMomma where I share easy recipes, tips and cooking techniques to help you get cooking in the kitchen with your family even when you have a crazy schedule. More Momma is really a hub for busy families to learn easy recipes and gain new found confidence in the kitchen.

I’m most passionate about getting families together in the kitchen to cook delicious meals to feed their body and soul. My goal is to share simple recipes and help teach people how to become better home cooks. I want you to feel more confident in the kitchen and to get your kiddos in the kitchen with you to teach them the life skill of cooking.

I’m so glad you are here! I am here for you so let me know what is the most challenging part about meal time.

How More Momma Began

From the beginning, cooking and running a business were ingrained in my story. Working as a personal chef and caterer got me through college. I went on to teach culinary classes, work with a world-renowned restaurant consulting company and created an educational gaming app for children with food allergies.

I started sharing recipes when my first born had a milk allergy that he later out grew. I started the more momma blog and moremomma instagram account and the rest is history! Sharing easy, doable family friendly recipes is what bring me joy!

I focus on easy recipes, tips on how to get cooking with your kids, and culinary techniques and tips to help the average home cook cook more efficiently. So Let’s get cooking!

More of the Momma You Want to Be

I found that I wasn’t the only momma who needed this resource and have been increasingly overwhelmed by the positive response and gratitude from other mommas out there.

We’re dealing with the struggles of balancing work, family, faith and home. Sprinkle (or toss) in feelings of loneliness and isolation — or thinking that you’re not doing enough for your family, and you’ve got a recipe for frustration. I have been there my friend!

Simply having the resources necessary to put a meal on the table makes a big difference and allows you to be more of the momma you want to be.

That is what More Momma is all about, and I’m so glad you’re a part of it. Cooking has made me feel more sufficient as a mom, wife and person.

I hope it can do the same for you.

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