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Here are all of the recipes you need for your Easter feast!

16 Easy Easter Dinner Recipes

Wow! Can you believe it is already April? This year is really flying by quickly and before I know it summer will be ending. I’m not sure I like the thought of that right now!

One thing I do enjoy thinking about and reflecting on lately is how blessed I am to live in this beautiful country.

I was recently thinking about all of the things I have missed doing or participating in since the beginning of the year. So I made a list of “Things to do When I am Not Quarantined.”

Included are things like going to the store without being fearful for mine and my family’s health. Going out to brunch with my girlfriends. Date nights outside of the home. And seeing my family whenever and wherever I want.

I’m sure you have a running list for yourself also!

While it may not seem like there is much freedom because our nation is semi-quarantined, we do have the freedom to choose and practice our desired religion openly, think and speak how we choose, and cook and eat what we love.

For that I am grateful, as I am sure you, my dear readers, are, too.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and it is just under a week away. Typically our Easter holiday is spent with family. This year, however, our Easter will be more intimate with just my husband and kiddos.

I am, however, still going all out and will try my best to make this holiday as memorable as I can. This is bound to be an Easter no one forgets, amiright?!

These Easter recipes are perfect for any sized gathering. They are simple to make, but still have an elegant not-your-usual-Sunday-dinner vibe. Not sure about you, but I typically don’t serve a whole ham or lamb chops for dinner!

I’ve created these easy Easter recipes with your kids in mind, too! In addition to being-kid friendly, all of these recipes can be made with your kids’ help!

I’ve put together a few sample menus for your dinner. Feel free to switch recipes around or add your own favorites.

Easter Menu Option 1Easter Menu Option 2Easter Menu Option 3Easter Menu Option 4

Appetizer Ideas:

Main Dish Ideas:

Side Dish Ideas:

Dessert Ideas:

I can’t wait to get cooking with you!



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