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Are you planning a DIY wedding?  Are you looking of an easy way to save major money?  If you answered YES you can save a HUGE amount of money by doing your own flowers and it’s really not that difficult.  We are going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know on how to make the perfect floral arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and everything in between.

Click on the picture below to watch the HOW TO’s and don’t forget to grab your DIY guide below to make your wedding flowers flawless!

Here is your guide….

Step 1. Pick a color palate that you want to stay within.  This can be the colors of your wedding or a color block (a few colors that go well together)

Flower Arrangements:

  • 1 Brial Bouquet
  • 1 Small Mother Bouquet
  • 2 Boutonnieres
  • 8 Table Centerpieces
  • Flowers for Cake
  • Loose Eyucaliptus for 4 Tables
  • Loose Flowers for Buffet Table
  • Loose Greenery + Flowers for 6 Flower Hoops
  • Floral Arrangements for 3 Large Boxes

Step 5. Get a good pair of flower scissors, wire, and floral tape.  You can buy amazing flower scissors here. I buy this wire and this floral tape.  I have also found this setto be a great bargain. If you are making boutonnieres you will also need these.  I also buy ribbon to cover the flower tape.  You can use a neutral color like a cream color or go with a color from the wedding.  

Step 6. Have a friend help you. It is so much fun to do arrangements with another person.  Not to mention its easier and faster.  So grab a friend and make it a fun day.

Step 9.  Start your arrangements!  This is the fun part.  I like to add flowers in bunches in my hand first to see if I will like the arrangement.  I love using a couple of techniques.

Step 10.  Flower storage….. Make sure all your flowers are full of water and store them in a cooler place.  I like to keep my floral arrangements in a cool room where I know they wont get overheated or wilt.

If your flowers do wilt watch the video below for a great tip to bring them back to life.

Lastly have fun with it and be creative.   All flowers are beautiful in my book so just go with what you think looks pretty.


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