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This easy Halloween punch for kids is perfect for a fun Halloween drink with just the right amount of spooky!
halloween punch for kidsHalloween Punch For Kids

We love Halloween here at More Momma because it’s perfect for fun food inspiration, especially this easy Halloween punch or kids. It’s also a great time to spend being creative with the kiddos in the kitchen. What better way to increase the enthusiasm about cooking than to make it a little bit spooky and comical? 
We are dying over this amazing green apple punch — a Halloween punch for kids. It’s easy to make, super cute for parties and scrumptious too.
Let’s dive into this spooky recipe! 

What syrups to use for this punch:

For this punch we use Torani syrup. Anyone else obsessed with Torani Syrups?
We love them over here and they’re a key ingredient to this Halloween punch. This syrup gives the drink a green tint. You can also use any of your favorite Torani syrups like strawberry or blue raspberry.
The key is to add flavor and color to make this punch look like a science experiment. 

How to make it spooky:

We make it extra spooky by serving this halloween punch for kids in these fun science beakers or flasks. I got the beaker glasses from Michaels Craft Stores and you can usually find them in the Fall. They add a playful Halloween twist.You can also serve this punch in a punch bowl with dry ice. 
This punch comes to life with the Halloween candy we use as garnishes. You can buy any spooky Halloween candy like eyeballs, gummy teeth, gummy fingers or whatever you can find. I normally find a great variety at Target around Halloween time. 
halloween punch
My kids get a kick out of making this drink with me and Halloween party guests are always pleasantly surprised. The kids who come over love drinking it too. And for adults, it’s like your favorite lemon lime soda has come to life. 

Besides for Halloween punch recipes, we use the syrups for an Italian soda bar, for a little flavored soda drink, or a splash of something fruity in our water! 

Looking for more Halloween recipes that are fun for kids? Check out my post on Halloween Chili: A Healthy And Festive Dinner.

Halloween Punch For Kids Recipe:

halloween punch for kids
Yield: 1

Halloween Punch For Kids

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Spooky Halloween Punch For Kids


  • 3 Tablespoons Torani Green Apple Syrup
  • 1/2 Cup Lemon Lime Soda


  • Ice
  • Your Favorite Gummy Halloween Candy

To Top:

  • Your Favorite Gummy Halloween Candy
  • Cotton Candy


      1. Mix together green apple syrup with the lemon lime soda.  Fill your glasses with the drink mixture.

      2. Add halloween candy to the drink and top with cotton candy.


You want to drink this quickly. The longer the candy sits, it can become gummy.

I got these glasses at Michaels Craft Store.

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